iOS4 is now available!

iPhone OS version 4 (iOS4) is now available.  More information is available here:

You can download the update from within iTunes.

Macs are Cool

OK, as I’m sure some of you are already well aware, but just to reiterate:  Macs are Cool.

As a Windows guy for the past twenty years or so, I’ve been using Macs more and more lately.  I purchased one of the new 17-inch MacBook Pros recently, and I’ve really been enjoying the capabilities.

I’m a fan of VMWare as well.  It’s a great product that allows you to run other operating systems in a virtual machine, which makes it great for me when I need to test software on some other OS.

I’ve been running Windows 7 on my MacBook under VMWare, and although it is certainly useable, the performance hasn’t really been blowing my hair back, so I decided to try using Apple’s Boot Camp to run Windows natively on a separate partition.

After setting up Boot Camp, I booted back into OS X and when I ran VMWare, I discovered it had the capability to virtualize my boot camp partition under OS X!  This means that when I want the raw speed, I can boot into native Windows, but otherwise I can still launch the same OS under VMWare on OS X.

That’s just cool.