Mixed Content in Internet Explorer

I spent a significant amount of time today tracking down a problem on one of our web applications.

One of our customers complained about seeing the infamous This Page Contains Both Secure and Nonsecure Items warning every time they viewed any of the site’s pages with Internet Explorer.

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items

This error occurs when you are viewing a web site over an SSL (HTTPS) connection, but there are one or more nonsecure items on the page.

In the end, our particular manifestation was due to having numerous iframe objects embedded in our pages with their src properties set to either javascript:void(0) or nothing at all.

The fix was to change all of these to use javascript:""; for their src property.

I found several resources online that were helpful in getting to the bottom of this problem:

The first is EricLaw’s excellent blog posting on the subject.

The other is this checklist for ruling out the possible causes.

Mercurial and Kiln

I’ve been working with the FogBugz bug tracker for quite a while now and I noticed that they offer a Mercurial based online version control system named Kiln.

I’ve been wanting to adopt one of these new-fangled distributed version control systems for some time now, so I decide to dive in and find out what all the fuss was about.

I read Joel Spolsky‘s excellent Mercurial tutorial, Hg Init and then set about installing Mercurial clients on all of my various workstations.

I ended up with TortoiseHG on my PC and MacHg on my Mac and so far I’m finding it to be a very flexible and easy to use system.

If you’re using Subversion or some other old-school version control system you should definitely take a look at Mercurial or GIT and see what you’re missing out on!


If you don’t have Dropbox installed, GO GET IT NOW!


Dropbox is a program that lets you easily share and sync files amonst all of your computers (and phone).

It creates a folder that is automatically synchronized with all of the computers that you’ve installed Dropbox on. You can create a folder hierarchy and there is a public folder that you can put files that you want to share with others.

When you put a file into the public folder, you can right click and obtain a URL for that file, then you can send that URL to someone in an email or IM, and they can access the file just by clicking the link.

You can share folders with other Dropbox users, make it easy to share files amongst a group of people.

It also keeps a version history of the files allowing you to go back in time and access prior versions.

You can also access your drop box from any web browser anywhere you are, even if you don’t have your computer with you.

It’s really a great tool that has eliminated the need for me to carry a usb flash drive.

Go check it out now!