Disk Inventory X

In a previous post, I mentioned that I use WinDirStat to view disk usage statistics on my PCs.

Well, there’s a similar tool named Disk Inventory X for OS X:


This tool is invaluable when you are running low on disk space and you want to find out where all of your storage is being used.

Check it out!

WinDirStat Utility

Is your hard drive getting full?

Ever wonder where all that space is being used?

Wonder no more! WinDirStat will show you exactly which folders contain the files that are taking up the most space on your drive.

WinDirStat Screen Shot

This is a great tool to use whenever you want to clean up your drive. It will display a sorted list of your folders and show you what percentage of space each one is using, then you can drill down into the folders to find the larger files and optionally delete them.

Great program! Check it out!